Samoa Lipstick Fixer Set to Kiss
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Samoa Lipstick Fixer Set to Kiss

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Longlasting, waterproof, and kiss-proof. Water-based formula.

Get set... Get ready... Kiss! 
Your first step to a beautifully long lasting pout is to apply a finishing touch of the new “Set to Kiss” Lipstick Fixer. 

How to apply: Apply all over the lips with the applicator or dab some with the tip of your fingers onto your lips for a smooth and even application. 

Ways to use

  1. Line your lips with a lip pencil, fill them in, and top with Set to Kiss
  2. Use a matte or semi-matte lipstick all over your lips and top with Set to Kiss

Life hack: fill in your eyebrows with powder and set them with Set to Kiss for budge-proof, sweat-proof brows that last all day!