Samoa Tendances, Love Your Shape au naturel

love your shape eyes

Everyone is Unique, Every Beauty is rare! 

we believe that makeup should unleash the natural beauty of every woman and inspire her to love herself regardless. we should forget about "beauty standards" and stereotypes, stop compering ourselves, and instead celebrate our own uniqueness!

Samoa with this new collection invites you to embrace your natural beauty, don't hide it ! Love Your Shape, au naturel.

This collection is longwear - made of natural ingredients - vegan friendly and cruelty free. 

2IN1 Line & Fill in color lipliner, shifted lead to fill the lips, pointed tip for precise lining, soft texture and easily blendable 

Kajal Intense Eyeliner, the real waterliner, intense color with one stroke, creamy and soft

Pure Brow liner, enhances and intensifies the brows, soft and smooth texture, built in spoolie. 


love your shape lips

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